Rules & Warnings


  • Do not apply oils in your pet’s eyes or nose, or on genitals.
  • If an essential oil irritates the skin, add fractionated coconut oil or milk;
    DO NOT USE WATER because it drives oil deeper/faster into tissues.
    If an essential oil gets in the eye, use milk to wash out the eye.
  • Use care when putting oils around your pet’s face, nose, or eyes as this can be too overwhelming for them.
  • Do not drip oil down into ears.
  • Do not apply oils to tips of long eared dogs as oils could get in eyes/nose when dog shakes head.
  • Do not use Human Toothpastes or any essential oils products in beadlet form, or any other products containing Xylitol,
    as it causes serious liver damage and is toxic to dogs and cats.

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