Because of differences in the physiology of dogs and cats, they metabolize essential oils differently and some extra precautions need to be taken when using essential oils on or around cats. Therefore, there are separate sections of information for dogs and cats.

But one thing is the same for both dogs and cats: Essential oils can give their body systems powerful cellular support, thereby helping them to respond better to and recover faster from health challenges.

The purity and quality of the essential oils you use matters! Be sure your essential oils are truly pure therapeutic grade and do not contain synthetics, additives, or artificial ingredients of any kind; are not from plants exposed to pesticides and/or herbicides or grown in soils containing toxins; and do not contain chemicals because they were improperly distilled. Bear in mind that our pets are far more sensitive to all of these factors than we are.

Know your oils, know your source, know who you are purchasing them from and know the company who makes them. You truly get what you pay for.

Some pets are more sensitive to essential oils than others. And some dogs need more use of FCO dilution than others. If there is sign of irritation, apply even more FCO over area. This will help soothe and slow down absorption of the essential oils. If essential oils are given internally, check for signs of gastro-intestinal upset such as vomiting.

About the use of Fractionated Coconut Oil (my preference and recommendation over other carrier oils like Olive Oil, Canola Oil, vegetable oils…) – It is not that the use of Fractionated Coconut Oil actually “dilutes” the effectiveness of the oil – it does a few things that are of benefit in using essential oils.

It combines better than any other carrier oil with essential oils as it has had some of the fatty acids removed.

It slows down the absorption of the essential oils into the tissues and avoids tissue sensitivities and also overwhelming our pets with too fast absorption.

It keeps the oils from dissipating into the air as fast and enables more of the oils to be absorbed into the skin.

Fractionated Coconut Oil does not go rancid as all other carrier oils can and do.   Rancid oils may produce damaging chemicals and substances that may not make you immediately ill, but can cause real harm over time.

It will not clog skin pores as other carrier oils do.

It is nourishing to the skin.

Another great product to use with essential oils to make a salve with is the Solid VIRGIN Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. It has many health supportive properties for skin, hair, digestion, supportive of healthy immune response and healthy inflammatory response. You can find this at places such as health food stores, Costco, Walmart, better grocery stores and online.

Check out “The EO Lab” for suggestions of special mixes and salves to help support different body systems for your dogs and cats.

Single Oil or BlendSafe for Dog/Cat
(-- means NOT safe)
Application MethodsDilution
(For Topical; -- means NOT safe)
AdaptivDog/--AC/--Calming, soothing, uplifting, helps with attention
AntiAging BlendDog/CatA, TB/BSupports Eye Health, Supports Skin Health, Skin Irritation, Reduce Inflammation
ArborvitaeDog/CatA, TC/CRepels Insects, Healthy Immune Response
BasilDog/CatTB/--Bee/Wasp/Ant Stings-Bites, Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Response, Support Healthy Blood Sugar/Pancreatic System, Torn Ligament/Muscle
BergamotDog/--A, TD/--Sadness, Irritability, Stress, Calming, Soothing
Black PepperDog/--I, TD/--Maintains Healthy Circulation
CardamomDog/CatA, T, IC/CRelaxing/Soothing, Supports Healthy Respiratory System, Promotes Clear
CedarwoodDog/CatA, TD/CInsect Repellent, Calming, Healthy Respiratory Function, Healthy Skin Support
Cellular Complex Essential Oil Dog/--I, TD/--Support Healthy Cellular Reproduction, Helps Body Shut Down Reproduction of Unhealthy Cells, Protects Body and Cells From Oxidative Stress
CilantroDog/--T, IC/--Joint/Bone/Muscle Discomfort, GI Discomfort/Irregularity, Support Healthy Immune System, Support Healthy Inflammatory Response, Support Healthy Circulation, Cleansing/Detoxifying Support
Citrus BlendDog/--A, TD/--Sadness, Apathy, Lethargy, Restlessness, Reduce Stress, Uplifting
Clary SageDog/--T, IC/--Supports Healthy Hormone Balance, Supports Healthy Skin
CloveDog -**Limited UseT, IE/--Teeth & Gums: Oral Discomfort/Immune Support, Fungus, Support Healthy Teeth/Gums – Cleansing, Help Normalize Low Thyroid Function/Support Healthy Thyroid Function,
Comforting BlendDog/CatA, TC/CHelps with Grief, Sadness, Hopelessness, Comforting
CopaibaDog/CatA, T, IC/CAbnormal Immune Response/Support Normal Immune System Response, Supports the Health of the Cardiovascular, and Immune Systems, Supports Health of Digestive and Respiratory Systems, Powerful Antioxidant, Helps Soothe and Calm Emotional Challenges and Support Nervous System, Helps Promote Healthy Skin, Reduces Blemishes, helps reduce pain/pain in joints
CypressDog/--A, TD/--Bladder Function Support
Detoxification BlendDog/*
*For Cats Use Detoxification Dry Herbal Complex only
B/--Helps Support Healthy Functions of Detoxification Organs: Kidneys, Liver, Colon, Lungs; Help Cleanse Skin, Liver, Kidney, Colon, and Lungs; Helps to Cleanse Toxins From Body
Digestive BlendDog/CatI, TC/CGI Discomfort/Irregularity, Digestive System Problems, Abnormal Reaction to Food/Food Sensitivities, Support Detox From Food Poisoning, Digestive Upset/Aches/Gut Swelling, Support Healthy Digestive System Functions, Help Body Eliminate Intestinal Parasites
Encouraging BlendDog/--TC/--Promotes Feelings of Confidence
EucalyptusDog/CatA, IC/CHelps Stop Abnormal Response to Allergens, Helps With Respiratory System Challenges, Soothes Throat Irritations, Supports Normal Blood Sugar/Pancreas, Immune Support for Respiratory System Challenges
FennelDog/--A, T, IC/--Soothe Digestive Tract, Helps Digestive System During Car Rides
Focus BlendDog/CatTC/--To Enhance and Sustain Focus
FrankincenseDog/CatA, T, IA-B/A-BSupport Healthy Cognitive/Brain Functions, Reduce Sadness, Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response, Support Liver, Helps Detox Organs Better Deal with Metal Toxins, Supports Health Spine/Brain/Nerve Systems, Supports Normal Healthy Cell Production, Shuts down Abnormal Cell Production, Reduces Scar Tissue Production, Calming to Brain, Supports Healthy Bladder/Kidney Functions
GeraniumDog/CatA, TC/CStops Abnormal Bleeding, Supports Detoxing Organs, Helps with Dry Skin, Helps Body Deal with Abnormal Gallbladder Particulates, Supports Normal Hormonal Production, Supports Liver
GingerDog/--A, T, IE/--Helps Reduce Heart Pain, Supports Healthy GI Functions/Reduce Discomforts, Help Reduce Car Ride Discomforts
GrapefruitDog/--A, T, ID/--Supports Healthy Blood Clotting Factors, Help Detox Organs Eliminate Metal Toxins
Grounding BlendDog/CatA, T – GelcapC/CHelps with Anxiety, Sadness, Fear, Mood, Stress
HelichrysumDog/CatTA-B/A-BHelps with Circulation Health, Supports Healthy Tissue Regeneration (wounds/surgery), Supports Muscle/Tendon Health, Supports Vein Health, Stops Bleeding/Supports Blood Health, Supports Neurological Health
Jasmine TouchDog/CatTB/BUplifts Mood and Promotes a Positive Outlook, Helps Reduce the Appearance of Skin Imperfections
Joyful BlendDog/--A, TC/--Lethargy, Stress, Fears, Uplifting Mood, Helps with Skin Imperfections, Helps with Anxiety, Apathy, Sadness, Grief
Juniper BerryDog/CatA, T, IB/BSupports Healthy Kidney and Urinary Tract Functions, Natural Cleanser and Detoxifier, Helps Reduce Stress, Supports Healthy Skin, Air Purifying
Kid’s Focus BlendDog/--A, TA/AHelps prevent mental distraction. Instills alertness and focus.
Kid’s Restful BlendDog/--A, TA/AHelps with stress, fear. Calming.
LavenderDog/CatA, TB/BHelps Reduce Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Sadness; Calming, Helps Healthy Tissue Regeneration From Bruises, Burns; Supports Healthy Tissue Regeneration (cuts/scrapes/skin irritations), Supports Ear Health/Supports Healthy Immune Response, Soothes Insect Bites/Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response, Supports Healthy Response to Allergens/Skin Responses), Helps With Healthy Cellular Response to Cysts
LemonDog/--A, ID/--Soothing to Irritated Throat, Helps Support Body Better Deal with Kidney/Bladder Particulates, Used For Cleaning Surfaces, Helps Stop Bleeding, Naturally Cleanses Body, Aides with Digestion, Air Purifying
LemongrassDog/CatI, TD/DSupports Bladder Health/Immune System Support, Supports Thyroid Health (overproduction), Supports Healthier Immune System, Helps Body Detox Metal Toxins, Supports Healthier Muscles/Tendons, Helps Body Eliminate Intestinal Parasites
LimeDog/--A, ID/--Supports Healthy Immune Functions, Mood Uplifting
Magnolia TouchDog/--TC/DCalming/Relaxing. Soothing to the sking. Helps hydrate skin.
MarjoramDog/CatTC/CHelps Reduce Muscle/Joint/Tendon Discomfort, Helps Reduce Aches/Discomforts, Support Healthy Blood Pressure, Support Healthy Pancreas Function, Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response
MelissaDog/CatAHelp support healthy immune system. Calming.
MyrrhDog/CatA, T – GumsC/CSupports Healthy Brain Functions, Supports Healthy Gums, Supports Healthy Skin, Supports Healthy Thyroid Functions Stress/Emotional Balance
Neroli TouchDog/--TB/--Helps Relax, Soothing, Calming, Helps with Anxiety, Soothes Skin
OreganoDog – *Only for Specific Health ChallengesIE*/--Supports Immune System For Better Response to Serious Immune Challenges
PatchouliDog/CatTC/CGrounding and Balancing Effect on Emotions
PeppermintDog/--A, T, IC/--Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response/Immune Response to Allergens, Supports Healthy Respiratory System/Clear Breathing, Supports Better Blood Flow, Helps with Digestive Discomfort, Helps Reduce Muscle/Joint/Body Discomfort, Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response, Helps Reduce Bloating/Gas/Indigestion, Helps To Cool Body, Natural Bug Repellent, Relieves Tension/Head Discomfort, Helps Body Eliminate Intestinal Parasites
PetitgrainDog/--A, IA-B/--Calming, Reduces Stress/Anxious Feelings/Restlessness
Pink PepperDog/--A, T, IC/--Supports healthy immune system, healthy nervous system, digestion and healthy metabolism. Can help with healthy blood sugar levels.
Protective BlendDog – *CAT – Only for Dealing with Urinary Tract/Bladder/Kidney Immune/T, IC/--Supports Healthy Immune Response, Fungus, Supports Immune Response to Throat Irritations, Supports Healthy Body Response to Warts, Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response, For Cleaning Surfaces, Helps Cellular Response to Cysts, Air Purifying Properties
Reassuring BlendDog/CatA, TB/B Calming. Helps with feelings of Fear or Being Overwhelmed or Anxious
Repellent BlendDog/CatTC/CNatural Bug Repellant
Restful BlendDog/CatA, TB/BHelps Reduce Brain Confusion/Improves Attention, Calming, Reduces Irritability/Restlessness/
Roman ChamomileDog/--A, TC/--Insect Bites/Bee Stings, Calming, Detoxification Support, Supports Healthy Skin, Helps Reduce Skin Response to Allergens, Healthy Immune System Support
RosemaryDog/--A, IC/--Supports Better Brain Function/Reduces Confusion, Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response, Supports Healthy Respiratory Function, Reduces Head/Body Discomfort
Rose TouchDog/CatTB/CEmotionally Uplifting, Helps with Skin Imperfections
SandalwoodDog/CatA, TC/CPromotes Healthy Skin, Helps Reduce Brain Confusion/Improves Attention, Helps Support Healthy Cell Reproduction/Helps Body Shut Down Unhealthy Cells
SpikenardDog/CatA, TA-B/--Soothing, Calming, Grounding, Healthy Skin Support, Help Cleanse Skin, Skin Irritation, Support Immune System
TurmericDog/CatA, IC/CHelps support healthy metabolism, enhance celular antioxidant enzymes, healthy nervous system, healthy immune function and response. Diffusing helps with depression.
VetiverDog/--A, T, IC/--Helps With Brain Confusion/Supports Healthier Cognition, Helps to Calm, Supports Healthy Immune System
White FirDog/CatA, TC/--Helps Balance Emotions and Soothe Anxious Feelings, Calming, Soothing/Relaxing When Used in Massage Lotion
Wild OrangeDog/--A, IC/--Helps with Anxiety/Sadness, Helps Reduce Nausea, Helps Body Detox Organs Deal with Toxins
Yarrow|PomDog/CatI, TC/CAntioxidant support, supports cellular, immune and nervous system health. Supports healthy metabolism. Calming for stress/fear/anxiety. Soothes skin issues.
Ylang YlangDog/CatA, T, IC/CHelps Reduce Anxiety, Supports Healthy Blood Pressure, Soothes/Calms